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When you receive a letter with the official IRS letterhead, it can create a pit in your stomach. Every year we receive calls from individuals who are scared and unsure how to handle their IRS case. The worst thing you can do if the IRS sends you a letter is to ignore it – they have significant power when it comes to collecting taxes. They can garnish your wages, take money in your bank, and even seize and sell your property in order to satisfy a tax debt. Don’t put the IRS in a position where they feel like they have no other options.

Whether you are an individual or a business with IRS problems, you do not have to take on the IRS alone. SP Tax Group can help you correct these issues and get you back to living your life. They key to solving these problems is to take a proactive approach to show the IRS you are trying to be compliant.

If you have received a letter about a penalty, a bank levy, a lien, an audit, or any other threatening letter from the IRS – the first thing you should do is give us a call. We will take on the IRS for you, inform you of your rights, work quickly to get the issue resolved, and help you put an end to this chapter in a discreet

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